Chinese Fringetree at Okaminato Shrine

There is a chinese fringetree that is around 50 years old at Okanomiyato Shrine. This historic tree was given as proof of friendly relations from the Yi family of Korea. The original branch that this tree grew from was a gift from Mr.Yasuhiro Itami, the chief gardener of Meiji Shrine at that time, as a commemorative gift to the current head priest of Okanomiyato Shrine when he retired from Meiji Shrine.
You can see many different kinds of chinese fringetrees here, including ones that are designated as protected species from Tsushima and Gifu, as well as ones from America. In total there are about 120 trees that you can see all in one place.

Time period: Early April to late May

Address Okanominato Shrine
Contact Tel:093-223-3542 
Ashiya Community Planning Division
Access 15 minutes by bus from JR Ongagawa Station
7 minutes by taxi
Times Available 9:00~17:00
Area Kitakyushu Area
Genre Famous Flowers and Trees (Flowers and Plants)

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