Sacred Bo Trees

Eko-in Temple is located along the shrine road to Hakozaki Shrine; the bo trees here bloom every year from early June for the middle of June. It is said that the Buddha awakened under one of these trees, and in India they are known as one of the three sacred trees along with ashoka trees and sal trees.
The leaves are three-pointed and ovular, with white undersides. In summer, the trees put forth small, pale-yellow flowers that face downward and give off a sweet and refreshing scent. A ”bo tree festival” is held to celebrate when the the flowers open, visitors can engage in ’osuna-fumi’ at one of the 88 Power Spots of Shikoku as well as one of the 33 Kannon Temples, and the Dai-nehan-zu (large Nirvana painting) in the main temple will be opened up. On the same day the teahouse is opened and visitors can enjoy matcha tea.

Time period: From early June to mid-June

Address The precincts of Ekoin temple, Maedashi, Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City
Contact Tel:092-651-5133 
Ekoin Temple
Parking Available
Access [Fukuoka Muncipal Subway]
Disembark at Hakozaki-Miyamae Station -> Walk 3 minutes (Exit #1)
[JR Kagoshima Main line] Disembark at Hakozaki Station
-> Walk 8 minutes
[Nishitetsu Bus] Disembark at Hakozaki Station
-> Walk 3 minutes
[JR Kyushu Bus] Disembark at Hakozaki 1 Townme
-> Walk 2 minutes
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Plum Blossoms (Flowers and Plants) Famous Flowers and Trees (Flowers and Plants)

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