Kashiwameshi (Japanese mixed rice ) Hawkers

Tokuchikuken’s ”kashiwameshi” has been featured on TV programs and in magazines as one of Fukuoka’s famous train station boxed lunches. Even today, nostalgic ’hawkers’ sell them at the JR Orio train platform. On top of rice soaked and cooked in chicken broth, chopped chicken meat and thin omelette strips and shredded seaweed are served.
The origin of the word ”kashiwameshi” goes all the way back to 1921. Mr. Iwami Honjo, the director of the Moji Operations Office of the National Railway, combined chicken with Fukuoka local customs from long ago and came up with ’kashiwameshi.’ It’s often said that the ”rice is even more delicious than the chicken.” In addition to Orio Station, it can be bought at other stations such as the JR main stations in Kitakyushu, as well as department stores like Hakata Daimaru and Kokura Izutsuya.

Time period: All year long

Address Orio Station of JR Kagoshima Main Line
Contact Tel:093-601-2345 
Area Kitakyushu Area
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