Domestically-made Handmade Sparklers

Producing fireworks for over 80 years.
One of only three places within Japan where fireworks are produced domestically.

Popular series products”Nishi no Sparklers”and ”Higashi no sparklers, a set ofsparklers made with vegetable dyeing Yame handmade Japanese paper, Japanese candle made from sumac wax and a candle stand made from yamazakura (mountain cherry trees) are possible to purchase.

Available to experience to make sparklers at the annex of its premises, also to lit up fireworks even in the daytime in the gallery.

Address 835-0135 1950-1 1224-80 Takei, Takata Town, Miyama City
Contact Tel:0944-67-0764 
Tsuitsui Tokimasa Toys and Fireworks Factory
and Holidays
On Wednesday in July, August
Aside from the above-mentioned/
Wednesdays, Holidays, Weekends
Access Disembark at Minami-Setaka Station.
15 minutes away by taxi.
Times Available July, August/11:00~18:00
Aside from the above-mentioned/13:00~17:00
Area Chikugo Area

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