Japan’s oldest Mikekado Pumpkins

These are pumpkins said to have been brought over from Portugal to the Mikekado area around 400 years ago.
In 1928 they were even offered to the Japanese Emperor as a gift. In modern times, the Mikekado Pumpkin Preservation Association makes shochu and sake with these pumpkins, and visitors can also visit local cake stores to enjoy sweets made with pumpkins. Also, during the appropriate season you can also enjoy ”Dangojiru”(Japanese soup with dumpling).

[Places where you can buy Mikekado Pumpkin Products]
At the Buzen Road Station Okoshikake and also at the Mikekado Kabocha-no-sato, you can pick up Mikekado Pumpkin Shochu ”Chinsei” and the wine-tailored sake ”Mikekado Kabocha.”
You can enjoy sweets at CAKE HOUSE Shiki

Period: Season is in November-December

Address 828-0031 (747-8 Mikekado, Buzen City) Mikekado Kabocha-no-sato
Contact Tel:090-8831-4115 
Access In front of the Nippo Main Line Mikekado Station
Area Kitakyushu Area
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