A gift from Heaven Hon Warddzu

Established in 1819.
The founder Kyusuke studied the pros and cons of pueraria plants (a type of kudzu) as well as sugar manufacturing methods, and finally he came up with a pure-white hon Wardzu powder, which was even offered to the shogunate as a high quality gift. He has preserved the methods and made it all by hand.

Available to purchase the products and try a taste of kuzumochi (arrowroot-starch dumplings) and kuzukiri (translucent sliced arrowroot) at the shop.

Field trips possible. Reservation required.

Address 838-0001 532 Akizuki, Asakura City
Contact Tel:0946-25-0215 
Hirokyu Kuzu Head Office
and Holidays
New Years Day (irregularly closed on January 2)
Parking Available
Access A 15-minute taxi ride from Amagi Station
Times Available 10:00~16:00
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Cafes and Light Meals (Introduction to Fukuoka’s Specialties) Specialties and Souvenirs (Products and Specialties)

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