Hamayu bloom in a place sacred to lovers

With the Genkai Sea as a backdrop, about 1,000 wild hamayu (or giant crinum lilies) grow. The pretty white flowers give off a sweet scent after sunset and the fresh green and white flowers are beautiful. They are a prefectural natural treasure. They have been designated as an endangered species requiring conservation and protection. Hidden in the adjacent Natsuigahamahamayu Park are a ”love bell” and cobblestone heart and it is considered a sacred place for lovers.

Late July ~ early August

Address 807-0141 Area adjacent to Natsuigahamahamayu Park, Ashiyamachi
Contact Tel:093-221-1001 
Ashiyamachi Sightseeing Information Center
Parking Yes (50 spaces)
Access ・10 minute walk from ”Hamayu Danchi” on the Kitakyushu Municipal Bus from JR Orio Station
・3km toward Hamayu Kanko Doro (sightseeing road) from Route 495 Taya Intersection
Area Kitakyushu Area
Genre Nature Watching (Natural Scenery) Natural Parks (Parks) Other Flowers (Flowers and Plants)

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