Legendary Flower Tobata Ayame

They bloom from early to mid May. Tobata ayame are between 10 and 15 centimeters tall but they are much smaller compared with regular ayame. The flower stem is short and the flower blooms shorter than the length of the leaf. The color of the flower is purple and sometimes there are rare white ones. Also, another important feature is that the leaves can grow to over 30 centimeters long after the flowers have finished blooming. At ”Tobata Ayame Park”, the ”Otani Town Development Council” and ”Tobata Ayame Raising Association” are centered and hold festivals during the flowering season. There are bazaars and attractions, four season flower seed presents and a lottery to win tobata ayame.

Early May〜mid-May

Address 804-0032 Tobata Ayame Park, Kitakyushu City
Contact Tel:093-881-4151 
Tobata Ayame Raising Association (Otani Community Center)
Parking Available at Otani Community Center(10 spaces)
Access From Tobata Station, Nishitetsu Bus #42 (get off at Shiinokicho Danchi Iriguchi or Shieijutaku Mae) or #44 (get off at Higashi Otani)
Area Kitakyushu Area
Genre Irises (Flowers and Plants)

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