Sagiso(fringed orchid) in Hirotani Wetlands

The stems stand alone and stretch high, reaching 15 to 50 cm, with 1-3 white flowers on the tip. The diameter of the flower is about 3 cm, the lip valve is big and 3 rows deep, and the middle splash piece opening lanceolate shape is the origin of the name in Japanese as it resembles an egret (shirasagi) spreading its wings. Hirotani Wetlands is the only wetlands in Fukuoka Prefecture, located in the Kitakyushu Quasi-National Park, 600 meters west of Seiryukutsu Cave and 2,500 m east from Hiraodai Nature Observation Center. The flowers of the Hirotani Wetlands are not visible well from the tree path and promenade with the naked eye. We recommend binoculars for observation, and lenses of 500 mm or more for photography.

July ~ August

Address 800-0000 Hirotani Wetlands, Kanda Town
Contact Tel:093-434-2044 
Kanda Town Lifelong Learning Section
Parking Available near Seiryukutsu Cave (about 10 spaces)
Access From Kanda Station on the JR Nippo Main Line- 40 minutes by car to Seiryukutsu Cave, then 15 minute walk from Seiryukutsu Cave
Area Kitakyushu Area
Genre Other Flowers (Flowers and Plants)

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