Onamuchi Shrine, said to be the oldest shrine in Japan

It is said to be the oldest shrine in Japan, built 1,800 years ago, and the surrounding area is also deeply connected with the legendary Amagi of Yamataikoku. There are benefits for marriage and business prosperity, and the old ema placards are also superb. A big autumn festival ”Okunchi” has been held every year on October 23rd for 700-800 years and a mikoshi portable shrine is brought out and men and women of all ages participate in a ”Shiko Gyoretsu Procession” and ”Urayasu Dance” is performed by female dancers.

Address 838-0811 697-3 Yanaga, Chikuzen machi, Asakura gun
Contact Tel:0946-24-5805 
Onamuchi Shrine
Parking Yes (20 spaces)
Access (1) 20 minutes by car from Chikugo Ogori Interchange
(2) 30 minutes by bus from Nishitetsu Asakura Gaido Station
5 minutes by car from Shinmachi Bus Stop
Times Available Reservations required for purification
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Shrines and Temples (History and Culture)

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