Takkura Shrine – increase marital luck by going through Goendama

It is said that love and marriage fortune goes up when you pass through the Goendama (a large stone statue of a lucky 5 yen coin) on the grounds and legend has it that a 700-year- old cedar tree was planted by the Empress Jingu. The copper-made Bishamonten statue was built around 500 years ago by Oe Sadamori, the founder in Chikuzen Ashiya by order of Sudo Suruga the guardian of this area, and designated as one of it the prefectural cultural treasures. In autumn, the Autumn Great Festival, which blesses the fertility of the seas and mountains, is held for three consecutive days, and crowded with worshipers on New Year’s day.

Address 811-4234 1113 Takakura, Okagaki machi, Onga gun
Contact Tel:093-281-5050 
Okagaki Tourism Association
Parking Yes (100 spaces)
Access (1) 60 minutes by car from Tenjin
(2) 50 minutes by train from JR Kokura Station
(3) 10 minutes by bus from Ebitsu Station (get off Okagaki Community Bus at Takakura Bus Stop and walk 3 minutes)
(4) 10 minutes by taxi from Ebitsu Station
(5) 35-minute walk from Ebitsu Station
Area Kitakyushu Area
Genre Shrines and Temples (History and Culture)

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