The extending torii gate and amazing view are something to see at Ukiha Inari Shrine

Ukiha Inari is a shrine which celebrates the gods of prosperous business, abundant crops, sake brewing, health, longevity, and scholarship. Climbing the mountain following the colorful red torii gate, it is a view spot with wonderful scenery and if the weather is good, you can see Harazuru Hot Springs, far off toward Amagi. It is also known as a famous place to see cherry blossoms in spring.

Address 839-1411 1513-9 Nagarekawa, Ukihamachi, Ukiha City
Contact Tel:0943-76-3980 
Ukiha Tourism Association
Parking Yes
Access About 20 minutes from Asakura Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Shrines and Temples (History and Culture) Cherry Blossoms (Flowers and Plants)

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