Blade makers inheriting the tradition of the ”sharpest in Japan”

Founder Shiro Kunimitsu’s swords compete for sharpness and beauty, winning the ”National Tameshigiri (sword testing) Competition” and winning the title of ”Sharpest in Japan.” Ever since its name spread to the whole country, it was chosen as one of the most excellent swords at the exhibition and given as an offering to the Emperor.
Even now, they win prizes at New Japanese Sword-making Exhibitions and are communicating traditional techniques and artistry of swords recognized world-wide.

Address 837-0906 105-1 Kuranaga, Omuta City
Contact Tel:0944-58-1340 
Shiro Kunimitsu Company
Parking Yes (2 spaces)
Access 3-minute walk from Nishitetsu Kuranaga Station
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Crafts (Products and Specialties)

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