Eel sashimi- a delicacy

Have you ever tried eel sashimi?
It is not something you can actually try just anywhere. This is because members of the eel class of fish like Japanese eel, conger eel, and garden eel have ”poison” in their blood. Since the poison dissipates when heated, it is not eaten raw and is generally cooked but when carefully processed through bleeding, it is offered as sashimi or arai (sashimi served chilled in ice water).
Please try this uncommon eel sashimi, which is said to have a similar texture to fugu (pufferfish). Kimo no shiokara (salted liver) is also an excellent dish.

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Address 838-1511 26-12 Hakishiwa, Asakura City
Contact Tel:0946-62-0381 
Harazuru Onsen Ryokan Cooperative
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Access Nishitetsu express bus ”Hita Line For Tsuetate-Takatsuka-Hita” from Hakata Station, get off at Haki bus stop, then about 5 minutes by car
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Food (Festivals and Events)

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