Gentle sweetness made protecting ancient methods of manufacture

Gentle sweetness made protecting ancient methods of manufacture
Mochiame candy shop ”Omatsushita Amehonpo” with a history continuing for over 130 years in the riverside district of Yanagawa.
The only raw materials are sticky mochi rice and malt. Without using any sugar at all, malt is added to steamed sticky rice and the squeezed out juice is boiled down and refined. So the sweetness is different from sugar, a natural, gentle sweetness. It is said that Omatsushita Ame is good for producing breast milk after giving birth and also adds measured sweetness and shine even when put in to finish simmered dishes.

Limited to 200 pieces per day

Address 832-0022 16 Asahimachi, Yanagawa City
Contact Tel:0944-72-5812 
Omatsushita Amehonpo
Parking Yes (2 spaces)
Access 10 minute walk from Nishitetsu Yanagawa Station
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Food (Festivals and Events)

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