Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel

Connecting the Kanmon Strait, this is a 780m-long pedestrian-use undersea tunnel.
The tunnels extending across the sea floor are split into ’upper’ and ’lower’ tunnels. The upper tunnel is for vehicles, and the lower tunnel can be traversed on foot.
The pedestrian entrances have elevators; the Moji Ward side descends 60m and the Shimonoseki City side descends 55m to the tunnel entrance. Halfway through the tunnel is a marker for the Fukuoka-Yamaguchi prefectural boundary; the tunnel is famous for being a rare example of an undersea prefectural boundary. In the elevator lobbies on both sides of the pedestrian tunnel you can get two commemorative stamps– show both stamps at one of the tourism information centers etc., answer a survey, and you can get a ’Kanmon TOPPA! Commemorative Certificate.’

Address 801-0855 [Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel Entrance (Moji)] Moji, Moji Ward, Kitakyushu City [Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel Entrance (Shimonoseki)] 22 Mimosusogawachō, Shimonoseki City
Contact Tel:083-222-3738 
Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel
Fees Free for pedestrians, 20 yen for bicycles or mopeds *For non-motorized vehicles you may push them as you walk
and Holidays
Parking Available
Access [Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel Entrance (Moji)] Take a Nishitetsu Bus to the ’Kanmon Tunnel Jindoguchi’ bus stop and it will be in front of you.
[Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel Entrance (Shimonoseki)] Take a Sanden Kotsu bus to ’Mimosusogawa’ bus stop and it will be in front of you.
Times Available Permitted Usage Times
Area Kitakyushu Area
Genre Gardens and Buildings (History and Culture)

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