Fukuoka Prefecture’s 5th Kyushu Olle!! (Chikuho/Kawara Course)

A course that offers walkers the opportunity to engage with history and nature as they make their way through the course. Starting at the 103-year-old JR Saidosho Station, walkers can enjoy panoramic views of the Saidosho area from an altitude of 303 meters as well as the scenery of Kawaradake/Sannodake. They will also pass through the ”Kamimabu” copper mine from the Nara period and the famous railway photo spot ”#2 Kibe River Bridge.” The course circles around power spots like the miraculous stone of ”Sanno-seki” at Kawara-jinja Shrine, before ending at the goal point, JR Kawara Station.

All year long

Address 822-1401 Start Point: JR Saidosho Station 2609 Oaza Saidosho, Kawaramachi, Tagawa County
Contact Tel:0947-32-8406 
Kawaramachi Town Hall Industry Promotion Department
Fees Free
Parking Available
Park at the goal point (JR Kawara Station) and then travel via JR to the start point (JR Saidosho Station)
Access From JR Kokura Station via Hitahikosan-line Disembark at Saidosho
From JR Hakata Station via Fukuhoku-yutaka Line Disembark at Shin-Iizuka Gotoji Line Disembark at Tagawa-Gotoji Hitahikosan-line Disembark at Saidosho
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Mountains and Highlands (Natural Scenery) Shrines and Temples (History and Culture) Cityscapes and Former Kaido Roads (History and Culture) Cosmea (Flowers and Plants) Fall Foliage (Flowers and Plants) Cherry Blossoms (Flowers and Plants) Cycling and Hiking (Recreation)

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