Rows of red-and-white torii at Mt. Araji

In about 1h30m you can travel from Miyajidake-jinja on Mt. Miyaji (182m) to Mt. Araji (249m). The red-and-white torii of Kotohira-gu nestle together at Mt. Araji’s viewing platform, and beyond them you can gaze out over the sea. Kotohira-gu hosts the earliest Autumn Grand Festival within Fukuoka Prefecture every year on the 9th of September, where a daimyo’s procession parades through to the Tsuyazaki-no-Okariya in order to pray for abundant harvests.

All year long

Address Near Araji, Fukutsu City
Contact Tel:0940-42-9988 
Fukutsu Tourism Association
Parking None
Access Disembark from JR Fukuma, 10 minutes by taxi.
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Mountains and Highlands (Natural Scenery) Observation Facility (Natural Scenery) Shrines and Temples (History and Culture)

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