Kanoko-yuri (speciosum lily) at Chinkoku-ji Temple

The ”kanoko-yuri” is a type of perennial lily flower, with rich red spots on its petals that resemble a deer’s spots. The flower’s name ”kanoko-yuri” comes from the Japanese words ”kanoko” meaning a fawn, and ”yuri” meaning lily. Kanoko-yuri are rare plants that only grow in an extremely limited area of Kyushu and Shikoku; they are designated as Munakata’s city flower. They grow on cliffs in mountainous regions and are designated as an endangered species. One of the places where these lilies grow is Bekkakuhonzan Chinkoku-ji Temple — this temple is said to be the oldest temple of the Shingon sect, established by Kobo Daishi (Kukai.) The ”Gobutsu” (Five Buddha), the original form of the deity ”Munakata-daimyoujin”, is enshrined within this temple’s ”Gobutsudou” (Five-Buddha-Hall.) This temple is also called the ”Flower-and-Prayer Temple” as the shrine grounds are home to flowers you can enjoy all through the seasons.

Late July – Early August

Address 811-3506 Inside Bekkakuhonzan Chinkoku-Ji Temple
Contact Tel:0940-36-0037 
Munakata City Commerce and Tourism Department
Parking 160 parking spaces for passenger vehicles/large buses on the premises of Chinkoku-ji Temple
Access 1) 10 minutes by car from JR Togo Station/15 minute walk from Nishitetsu Bus ”Munakata-taishamae”
2) 20 minutes from Kyushu Expressway Wakamiya IC/25 minutes from Kyushu Expressway Koga IC
Area Fukuoka Area
Genre Shrines and Temples (History and Culture) Other Flowers (Flowers and Plants)

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