Divine light streams through the trees A bamboo forest where a deity resides

A beautiful bamboo grove within Zoyama Historical Forest Park. Visitors to this bamboo grove will be moved by the solemn light streaming through the trees and the pleasant rustling of the wind-shaken bamboo trees. Since ancient times there have been legends of Queen Himiko and the Zoyama Kogoishi, said to be ancient mountain castle ruins, has become a national historic site. The bamboo grove is located alongside the Kyushu Olle Miyama/Mt. Kiyomizu Course, and has been introduced overseas as well. If you climb upwards a bit there is a viewing platform that offers a beautiful view for you to enjoy.

All year long

Address Setakamachi Okusa, Miyama City Inside of Zoyama Historical Forest Park
Contact Tel:0944-64-1523 
Miyama City Commerce and Tourism Department
Parking A few parking spaces at the entrance of Zoyama to the road’s ascent.
Access [Car] 5 minutes by car from Miyama/Yanagawa IC
Area Chikugo Area
Genre Observation Facility (Natural Scenery) Natural Parks (Parks) Famous Flowers and Trees (Flowers and Plants)

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