Effective for boosting romantic luck The ’Heart Rock’

Here there are two items of interest: the ”Kehogi-iwa” which is said to have been made long ago when a flying horse kicked it, and the ”Heart Rock” (220m vertical and 180m horizontal) which has attracted significant attention as a sacred place for marriage and love. At the viewing spot for Kehogi-iwa there is a ’Bell of Happiness’ that you can ring to pray for success in love.

All year long

Address Hyugami, Yabe Village, Yame City
Contact Tel:0943-22-6644 
Yame City Cha-no Wardni Tourist Information Center
Parking None
Access [Car] 60 minutes by car from Yame I.C.
Genre Mountains and Highlands (Natural Scenery) Unique Landscapes (Natural Scenery)

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