The elusive and famous ”Ashiya-kama”

An ’Ashiya-kama’ is a type of iron kettle from The Period of the Northern and Southern Courts that was made at the Ashiyatsu Kanaya (the current address is near Nakanohama, Ashiya Town, Onga County Fukuoka prefecture) . Gracefully shaped in a manner referred to as ’shin-nari’, the designs inscribed on the bodies of these iron kettles were a favorite of the aristocrats in the Imperial Capital– so much so that you could say their mouths would water for it. Around the time of the early Edo period the manufacturing of these iron kettles stopped, but in modern times Ashiya-kama pots are highly prized as centerpieces for tea ceremonies. Even today the artistry and craftsmanship of these kettles is highly valued, and among the 9 teakettles designated as Important Cultural Properties, 8 of them are Ashiya-kamas.

Address 807-0141 1558-3 Oaza Yamaga, Ashiya Town, Onga County, Fukuoka-ken
Contact Tel:093-223-5881 
Parking Yes
Access 40 minutes by car from JR Kokura Station
70 minutes by car from JR Hakata Station
Area Kitakyushu Area
Genre Crafts (Products and Specialties)

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