Japanese candles made using wax tree fruits

Since the Edo period, ’Japanese candles’ have been made utilizing Japan wax extracted from the fruits of wax trees. Japanese candles have very little ’soot’ in them, which creates a flame that constantly wavers as it slowly burns. Authentic candlelight. A flame that warms the heart. When compared to the flames of petroleum-based paraffin candles, it’s easy to see that the size and way the flame wavers are totally different. The way the candle wavers means that it’s difficult for wax to drip down the candle. The beauty of these silent and slow-burning candles is one of Japan’s traditional aesthetics.
The candles are made with wax and wicks that are all domestically produced. They are made using an inherited traditional method.

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Matsuyama Candle Revival Committee (Yano)
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