A legendary Hakata flavor ”Hakata Ichiban Taiko” Warabimochi (bracken-starch dumplings)

These are bracken starch dumplings called ’Hakata Ichiban Taiko’, beloved as the summer flavor of Hakata. The flavor has been maintained since their creation 70 years ago; mobile sales are conducted from bicycles that go around Fukuoka City.
Bracken starch dumplings have no additives whatsoever. The amount of powder/water is changed depending on daily temperature/humidity, and their crystal-clear flavor and superb bounciness comes from passed-down techniques. Well-textured and chilled bracken dumplings are topped with soy flour, or placed between freshly-baked and crispy ’monaka’ wafers and eaten.
A nostalgic and traditional flavor beloved since long ago.

Address 811-1362 2-22-10 Nagazumi, Minami Ward, Fukuoka City
Contact Tel:092-542-0766 
Hakata Ichiban Taiko
Area Fukuoka Area
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