Hibikinada Power Plant’s massive wind turbines

At a spot where you can see a nationally-operated oil storage base, there are 10 huge windmills for Hibikinada’s wind power generation that tower into the sky. The 65m-tall towers have fan blades that are 75m in diameter, a truly impressive sight. A park and rest benches are located nearby, a place to enjoy a majestic vista where you can appreciate the giant white windmills against the blue ocean.

Address 808-0021 Hibikimachi, Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushi City
Contact Tel:093-782-2881 
Kitakyushu City Eco Town Center
Parking Yes
Access 15 minute walk from the Shirashima Museum (Parking Lot available)
Take the municipal bus to ”Eco Town Center-mae”, disembark, and walk 20 minutes
Area Kitakyushu Area

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