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Visitors can enjoy an authentic indigo dyeing experience using natural dyes in a workshop used by artisans.

◆Period: Year round

◆Date & Time: Preferred date and time (You must select up to the third choice. However, we may not be able to meet your request)

◆Closed: During Obon holidays, New Year vacations

◆Note: Not available for large bulk orders

◆Product Overview: Indigo Dyeing Experience

◆Product Details: Indigo Dyeing Experience (Binding for patterns, indigo dyeing process)
– Handkerchief course (60-90 minutes)
– T-shirt course
– Tote bag course
– Stole course (90-120 min.)

– Handkerchief course: 2,200 yen
– T-shirt course: 5,500 yen
– Tote bag course: 5,500 yen
– Stole course: 7,700 yen
All include tax
Prices are subject to change (as of September 20, 2022).

◆Payment: On-site settlement by cash, credit card, or PayPay     

◆Included: Materials, instructional fee, aprons, gloves, bag to take home

◆Organizer: Kurume Kasuri Ikeda Kasuri Kobo

◆Application Deadline & Availability After the Deadline: Application required at least 7 days prior to desired date. *For advance preparation and coordination of craftsmen’s work processes.

◆How to Apply: Web site, Phone, FAX, E-mail. Web site, FAX and E-mail are available in English and Chinese.

◆Cancellation Fee: Cancellation of applications for large groups (20-30 people) may require cancellation fee. Same-day cancellations are not permitted.

◆Language: Japanese, English, Chinese *Specialized explanations in English and Chinese are not available.

◆Other Notes: After the indigo dyeing experience, there is no time to dry them completely, so customers will have to take their items home wet and dry them in the sun at home or other places to complete the process.


Kurume Kasuri Ikeda Kasuri Kobo
1840 Hisadomi, Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture
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