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The workshop focuses on natural indigo dyeing and hand weaving. The workshop is run by a family, so you can experience indigo dyeing in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

◆Period: Year round

◆Date & Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Last admission at 3:00 pm)

◆Closed: During New Year vacations and exhibitions

◆Product Overview: Indigo Dyeing Experience

◆Product Details (Course, meeting place, arrival and departure times, required time, etc.):
Indigo Dyeing Experience (Binding for patterns, indigo dyeing process)
– Handkerchief course
– Marche bag course
– T-shirt course
Average time required: 2 hours

– Handkerchief course: 2,000 yen
– Marche bag course 5,000 yen
– T-shirt course 8,000 yen All tax included

◆Payment: On-site settlement (Cash is recommended. Credit card payment is also available)

◆Included: Materials, instructional fee, aprons, gloves, bag to take home

◆Organizer: Moriyama Kasuri Kobo

◆Application Deadline & Availability after the deadline: Reservations required 3-7 days in advance *Not available during exhibitions.

◆How to Apply: Phone (Japanese), FAX, E-mail (Japanese, English)

◆Cancellation Fee: Not required (however, notice is required in case of cancellation)

◆Language: Japanese, English

◆Other Notes:
– Hand weaving experience is free of charge (application must be made at the time of reservation).
– In case of rain, the work area becomes slippery due to the earth floor.
– Wear clothes that can be washed.

Moriyama Kasuri Kobo
109, Shindai, Hirokawa Town, Yame County, Fukuoka Prefecture
info @