• Trekking and shower climbing experience in the magnificent Kaho Alps!

THINGS TO DO > NATURE Trekking and shower climbing experience in the magnificent Kaho Alps!

Experience a clear icy cold stream in mid-summer and climbing experience in Kama!

◆Period: Late June – Late September (to be determined/2022) 

◆Date & Time: Morning departure (including lunch) and afternoon departure *Choice of activities available upon request

◆Except Date: Other activities recommended except for the above set periods (*)

◆Product Overview: Trek the nature of the Kaho Alps and experience shower climbing in a clear stream.

◆Product Details (Course, meeting place, araival and departure times, required time, etc.):
Meeting place: Ashishiro Agricultural Stay Facility “Kahoarupe”
Departure and arrival times: 10:00-, 13:00- (to be determined)
Duration: From 2 hours Experience Program (Model Plan)
Meet at “Kahoarupe”→ Trekking (outward) → Shower climbing → Mountain biking (return) → Salmon hatchery → Salmon shrine → “Kahoarupe”

◆Price: The price ranges from 10,000 yen without meals for a one-day trip to overnight stay (BBQ meal) depending on the combination of the package, so please contact us for more details.

◆Payment: Designated date (Payment required to the designated account at least 3 business days prior to the implementation date)

◆Included: Experience fee and guide fee (*) See guide below Not set as of Jan. 11

◆Organizer: Kama City Tourism and Community Development Association

◆Application Deadline & Availability after the deadline: Apply 5 business days in advance (by phone, FAX, or e-mail) Reservation confirmed upon confirmation of payment of fee

◆How to Apply: Phone, FAX, e-mail (Japanese only)

◆Cancellation Fee: Inquiry necessary (cancellation fee)

◆Language: Japanese *Assumed cooperation of CIRs (undecided) English and Danish may be available.

(*) A wide variety of activities can be combined Bouldering, MTB trail, tree climbing, forest yoga, BBQ, fishing *Shower climbing and BBQ are available for a minimum of 4 people. (Note: Pricing to be determined)
(*) One guide for up to 3 groups (1 group of 4 people)
◎Ashijiro farm lodging facility “Kahoarupe” accommodation fee (breakfast included): 4,160 yen

Kama City Tourism and Community Development Association
328-1 Kamiusui, Kama City, Fukuoka Prefecture
info @
Person in charge:
Yoshiyuki Arita, Executive Director, cell phone available
Kama City Tourism Portal (The 2022 mid-year revision was decided, multilingualization undecided), Facebook